IV Bilingual Master in International and European Studies: International Relations, EU, Immigration and Human Rights

General information

No. of credits: 60 ECTS credits

Number of hours: 270 face-to-face hours

Venue: Cadiz Campus

Dates: 9 January to 31 May 2019

Days and hours: from Monday to Friday, in the afternoon.

Registration fee: 2500 € Reduced registration fee: 1500 €.

Language: 65 % English, 35 % Spanish


The Bilingual Master’s Degree in International and European Studies – International Relations, EU, Immigration and Human Rights is presented as a bilingual (Spanish-English) postgraduate offer from the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Immigration and Human Rights at the European External Borders of the European Commission.

The aim of this bilingual Master’s is to address two intertwined and highly topical aspects of contemporary international society: International relations in a globalized and changing world, and international migration from the perspective of human rights protection, which is one of the most controversial and complex aspects of national internal policies and the external action of Spain, the European Union and International Organizations.

This Master will allow graduates of the different branches to choose a professional specialisation aimed at work opportunities linked to International Organisations, International Institutions, International Organisations (diplomacy, civil servants of national Administrations, experts, agents and international civil servants), as well as Spanish and international Administrations, and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) specialised in the field of international migration and Human Rights; or for other private sector entities (companies, Think-tanks…) that carry out activities related to the subjects taught in the Master.


Module I. International Relations and the European Union

  1. Introduction to International Relations.
  2. Academic Writing Skills in English.
  3. Relaciones Internacionales, Sociedad Internacional, ONU y Unión Europea – International Relations, International Society International Law, United Nations and European Union.
  4. Cooperación, Conflicto y Seguridad Internacional – Cooperation, Conflict and International Security.
  5. Política Exterior de España y de la UE: Mediterráneo, Eurasia, Iberoamérica – EU External Action and Spanish Foreign Policy: Mediterranean, Eurasia, Iberian America.
  6. Intelligence and Security for the XXI Century.
  7. Relaciones Económicas y Comerciales Internacionales – International Economic and Trade Relations.
  8. International Environmental Sustainability and the EU.
  9. Expert Teaching in International Relations.

Module II. Immigration and Human Rights

  1. Introduction to International Migrations and Human Rights.
  2. Academic Presentation Skills in English.
  3. Democracia y Derechos Humanos en la Sociedad Internacional y en Europa – Democracy and Human Rights in Europe and he International Society.
  4. Extranjería, Inmigración y Asilo en Derecho Internacional – Aliens Laws, Migration and Asylum in International Law.
  5. Inmigrantes, Refugiados y Ciudadanos en Europa – Area Schengen y Fronteras Exteriores – Migrants, Refugees and Citizens in Europe- The Schengen Area and the European External Borders.
  6. Derechos Humanos de los Inmigrantes en España y la UE – Human Rights of Migrants in Spain and in the EU.
  7. Foreigners in Europe: Consular and Legal Issues.
  8. Expert Teaching in Migrations and Human Rights.

Module III. Master’s Thesis

Internship or Final Master’s Investigation Thesis